5 Things Men Can Do To Score A Second Date

It’s a new dawn, and a new age for dating. Many are ready to throw the rule book out the window. While dating is less defined in this new era, and the lines have been slightly blurred. There are some rules we shouldn’t completely disregard.

  1. Making the call.

    So you got her number. You lucky bastard. She doesn’t give it to just anyone. Why are you still only contacting her on social media? Facebook, Twitter, and Dating Apps will only get you so far. Take the romance off line. Men often say “The phone works both ways.” In the beginning, if you are truly interested in her, show some effort by calling, or texting first. She’s given you her number, use it.

 2. Paying on the first date.

There are some exceptions to this rule. If she’s assertive enough to ask you out. She’ll pay the bill without hesitation. “Let’s meet up for drinks.” We have drinks with our friends, happy hour with our coworkers, and attend endless business meetings at bars, and pubs. Meeting up for drinks unless specified, is not a definitive date, and can lead to an awkward grey area. A clear sign a man is interested, if he asks to have dinner with you. It’s far more intimate than drinks, and requires some thought.

3. Easy with the flirtation.

Most women understand the art of leaving breadcrumbs. Just enough to peak one’s interest, but maintaining an air of mystery. A playful innuendo can sometimes lead to an off color remark, or seeing a little more of you than we’re ready for. Keep the conversation light. If you choose to be suggestive, at least be witty. Hold back from sending the full Monty until the time is right.

4. Giving her home court advantage.

It stands to reason in a city where you can have your laundry dropped off, wine delivered, and virtually any other service available 24/7, that one might become slightly complacent in regards to traveling outside their neighborhood. This was never more true than in New York City.  A place so efficient, everything you need is right in your own borough. When you’re willing to travel and meet with her, it’s a good indication that you are considerate, and a gentlemen for accommodating her needs.  A little effort goes along way.

 5. Chivalry is dormant, not dead.

On any given day you can witness women on the city streets making way, and opening doors for men. But there is an unspoken code of conduct that old school gentlemen, and renaissance men alike, abide by.  Walking on the outside of the street, opening the car door, and allowing her to order first. Even the position in which you are seated at the table has significance. Regardless how progressive a woman is, she’ll be sure to take note.

The most important thing a man can do is to make a woman feel special. As if no other woman exists but her. Having good manners, and being genuine will take you far. After all, we’re not asking you to go to the moon and back for us. Just maybe travel to Queens.

3 thoughts on “5 Things Men Can Do To Score A Second Date

  1. Barry

    1. There have been times, (2 recently) where i have reached out via phone. Either the person wont pick up or will say its better if you txt me. The phone does work both ways. So why cant she call first of she has a chance to and hasnt heard from him by the next day?

    2. As a guy I agree with this. This day and age there is no reason that a woman cant take a guy out on a date. How ever i think the guy should still pay. Let’s meet up for drinks is the same as lets watch netflix and chill. Always offered a place with seating and food. This can also be lunch not just dinner.

    3. Agreed again. Its easy to be confident behind a phone or computer screen and talk a good game. Once in person though. That maybe a different story.

    4. If this is a first meet or 2 i usually offer to let her pick a place she is comfortable with and knows. Travel doesnt bother me. Nor does seeing and experiencing new places. So to me its a win win

    5. As long as its not the bronx lol

    Good read byw


  2. andres

    When it comes to me meeting woman for me its hard. I dont understand why. I’M good looking not a dick i pay i open doors. I work in a industry that’s male oriented so i have to meet them at bars . Im kinda shy but i can talk to anyone just to start a conversation not when it comes to asking for numbers or say what’s up at bars . Most of the girls at the club either blow me off by the way i look or i don’t have the huevos to go say hi . Maybe i shouldn’t go for the super hot one and lower my standards . My friend tells me on to the next one but i don’t want to be that guy going around in circles till some one pays attention. They say i have a bad boy look to me so im stuck with older ladies or super young ones. I should just stop caring and play the field.



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